[dba-Tech] Restart network services on a server

Mike Tope mike.tope at virginmedia.com
Thu Nov 21 08:52:37 CST 2013

Just a wild guess:-
This is MS SQL  Server, right? You have to enable the access through the 
network deliberately, it's not a default setting. It's fairly easy under SQL 
Server Configuration in the start menu.
Mike Tope

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> Hi All:
> I am at a client's site and running a full rebuild of their database 
> server and then became aware that no one on the network can connect in.
> It appears that the networking service has to be restarted but the server 
> can not be rebooted until the database is rebuilt. I have run the basic 
> "net stop and start" but it doesn't work.
> Would anyone know off hand what service(s) that would need restarting?
> Jim
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