[dba-Tech] ...system administration is over... ?

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Hi Shamil:

The economy of scale..,impressive. Are system admin people really obsolete?

Here is a link to the appl FUSE, using the s3fs filesystem, that allows you to mount an Amazon S3 bucket as a local filesystem. (I believe it runs on all (most) devices and OSs)  It stores files natively and transparently in S3 (i.e., you can use other programs to access the same files). Maximum file size=64GB (limited by s3fs, not Amazon).

s3fs is stable and is being used in number of production environments, e.g., rsync backup to s3.

When the FS is mounted, through FUSE, you will see that you have 256TB at your disposal...good for a couple of weeks of processing. ;-) All you need is an AWS account.


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 Hi All --

FYI: "  Here's how Google and Amazon scale up their huge IT operations"


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