[dba-Tech] Way OT but I love you people so I'm posing the question.

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Sat Nov 30 11:52:31 CST 2013

I'd go to Havana because, well, I've been playing with a Cuban band this
year and I'd like to go for the music.  

But I think it would be an interesting place to visit right now politically
and socially - they're in kind of a transition period - opening up a little.
I'd also like to see what part of the info we get about Cuba is true and
what's myth and propaganda.

London's always good, especially if you have time to travel around a bit.
But the weather can be nasty this time of year.

On my list of places I haven't visited is Japan, Argentina, and the


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I just landed a contract that will pay me enough for two weeks anywhere. My
first and second choices are Havana and London. But I'm reaching out to my
friends on this list and asking, Where would you choose to go for two weeks?
Answers must be a place you have never visited yet.

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