[dba-Tech] FreeRDP coonects to a Hyper-V server

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sun Jan 26 03:22:23 CST 2014

Hi Jim

RDP works very well in a controlled environment. The issue is when trying to reach foreign corporate environments that several layers of firewalls blocks the 3389 port or even the protocol itself.


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Hi All:

It appears that link I posted about using FreeRDP to connected to the Hyper-V server remotely was a little dated. The initial design required a source FreeRDP file be download and re-compile. That requirement is so 2012. 

Since then the additional enhancements that Microsoft had added to RDP server on the Hyper-V server has been reproduced and implemented on a completed version of FreeRDP and now can just be downloaded and ran: 


Now a user will be able to login remotely from any Windows, Apple or Linux PC and also connect via iOS iPhone and Android client. Still no Windows Phone client but it is just waiting for some bright programmer to build that component and get industry recognition, with their name added to the freerdp GitHub project.

Aside: GitHub recognition is way that young programmers demonstrate their skills. If you now want to apply for a job in the industry, you had better have one or a few good projects for show. If you have mastered some development technology it will draw companies from all over the globe. Many developers have got their start on some GitHub project and have been subsequently picked up by a startup or ended up on some big project or even ended up working for some of the major computer companies. It can either be contract work or a full-time gig, working remotely or onsite. 

How things have changed in the last five years. :-)

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