[dba-Tech] speeding up Outlook

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 14:52:10 CST 2015

Wow... disabling those few made a huge difference. :) 

Susan H. 

Hi Susan

As far as I'm aware, the Social Connector is used when you want to have
Outlook open mail from a Hotmail/Outlook.com account. If you're not using
them, then you don't need it open.

If you're not using Exchange, SharePoint or OneNote, I'd say they're pretty
safe to disable too.

The only thing I find that causes any lag when I use Outlook 2016 on
W10 64 is the antivirus addin, so Outlook routinely disables it for me... Of
course, I have to keen re-enabling it!

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