[dba-Tech] What is better than a Raspberry PI (2)?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 7 10:30:58 CST 2015

The Raspberry PI 2 is not necessarily your best choice for a small computer.

There is another similar product with basically the same hardware and software but with a couple of notable exceptions. It is called the ODroib-C1:


The first item that is a improvement is that ODroid has one GB LAN connection while the PI has 0.1 GB LAN connection. Second, while the new PI can be over-clocked to 1.1 GHz the ODroid can be over-clocked to 1.7 GHz. The one set of spec that the ODroid-C does not match or exceed the Raspberry PI 2 is in video options...but for most developers that would hardly be a serious consideration.

In summary, the PI will still holds the educational market as it was first and is well established but for the geeks ODroid possesses the greatest performance specs (See product comparisons chart in attached link).

PS They are both just $35 USD


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