[dba-Tech] Time to take some Azure and Linux training

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 13 11:08:54 CST 2016

Microsoft is providing a couple of inter-related courses for the new world techs.

One, is learning how to use Azure and the second, is learning how to use Linux. The courses are free but the exams are not free but are very reasonably priced; $159 and $179 respectively.



PS If more Linux training is to sought, I would recommend taking online courses from Linux Academy. From beginners and advanced training (i.e. Redhat certification) and a host of speciality courses on the latest tech on everything Linux (programming, Cloud etc: http://bit.ly/1PulGOb). The pricing is very reasonable at $29.00 per month. Using the link below also gives a course reduction: 


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