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Hi Gustav:

That is a great ad. 

The new transition, though, is less about the OS and more about the smartphone hardware. 8 cores, 8 to 16GB of ram etc etc. These are not just phones but heavy duty pieces of hardware. I predict this is the next big computer transformation.

Companies are now virtually giving away their Smartware development software. Just saw this ad, this morning: http://bit.ly/1OGj63J. I am sure you would have other examples.

Aside: Here is a link to a similar OS, that can be installed on the latest Nexus smartphone: http://maruos.com/#/. The application turns out to have been written by a single person...what an incredible task. He was initial planning to market and sell his new product, but after a spot on a computer podcast program, he received hundreds of offers to help coding and offers of money. He has now decided to go open source: http://bit.ly/1Xo7fhD   


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Hi all

This is an interesting evolvement:


A mini-tablet? A mega-phone?


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