[dba-VB] Mailmerge Using Word & SQL Server (VB6)

paul.hartland at fsmail.net paul.hartland at fsmail.net
Wed Dec 17 03:01:16 CST 2003

To all,
I am starting to write a mailmerge application for our own internal use, I want the user to be able to select the people they want to mail to and store these in a temporary merge table on SQL Server 7.0 (this I have already done).  I also give them the option to select an exisiting Word document or create a new one (also done)
I need to know how (when the user opens the Word document), I can tell the document to look at my temporary merge table on SQL Server 7.0.
Anyone know how I can do this as I have never tried to connect a Word document to a datasource via code before.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Paul Hartland
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