[dba-VB] Creating a desktop shortcut via Visual Basic 6.0

Jim DeMarco Jdemarco at hshhp.org
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If you search the AccessD archives I posted code using the Windows Scripting Host Library that does this (it was a long time ago but I think you should find it).

Jim DeMarco

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Can you post it to a website and post the URL here?  I'd be interested
in this code as well.


On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 03:43, Griffiths, Richard wrote:
> Hi Paul
> I can send a zipped file offline if you wish
> Richard
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> > To all,
> >  
> > Does anyone know a way how to create a shortcut on a desktop using VB6, I
> > have an application that creates various Excel spreadsheets and puts them
> > into a specified directory.  What I then want to do is give the user an
> > option of creating a shortcut to this Excel sheet onto their desktop.
> >  
> > Sample code etc will be greatly appreciated.
> >  
> > Thanks in advance for all your help on this.
> >  
> > Paul Hartland
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