[dba-VB] Multiple Step Operation Generatted Errors

Gary Ray gray at utah.gov
Wed Dec 10 08:23:51 CST 2003

In my experience this error typically occurs when you are trying to add data to a recordset that is to large for the designated field.  I would first check the size of any character fields and see if the data you are sending to it is too large.
I am sure there are other reasons for this error, but this is the one I have seen the most.
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>>> martyconnelly at shaw.ca 12/09/03 11:40PM >>>
You might check what version of Jet you are using; check properties 
msjet40.dll for version no.
then go to 
and fill in the blanks. to find out jet release number from dll version 
Should be using Jet version 7 or 8 depending on OS
Just a guess

paul.hartland at fsmail.net wrote:

>To all,
>I have an application that is giving me Multiple Step Operation Generatted Errors, is there any particular reason that this error occurs.  We are linking to an Access XP database, and the recordsource for the form is a command from the DataEnvironment.  Has anyone else come across this error, if so, why does this happen.
>Thanks in advance for all your help.
>Paul Hartland
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