[dba-VB] Access 2000 Runtime Error (X-posted)

Jim DeMarco Jdemarco at hudsonhealthplan.org
Thu Feb 23 10:47:27 CST 2006

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We inherited (and distribute) an Access 2K app that uses the Access runtime.  One of our user sites (not affiliated with our company) is having a problem running VB apps on machines where this app is installed.  Here's a copy of what I got from their IT resource:

"...happens when an application is started.
A window opens saying somthing like "Loading Access 2000 Runtime" and displaying a Windows progress bar. 
Then a "File Not Found" message window opens. If you cancel out of the window, another "File Not Found" windows opens, etc..
If you cancel out of these windows about 3 or 4 times, the program will start. 

They're using Jet 3.51 for "ADO and DAO data access" (quoting their IT resource).  Is anyone familiar with this?  I searched M$KB but didn't find anything.


Jim DeMarco
Director of Application Development
Hudson Health Plan

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