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I have found code to do that.  How it works I haven't a clue but once I get
it working I will show what it is.  In my case it has to be local.  Servers
out on the internet are not usable in my business.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting
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Hi John

How would you build a list of available server instances? 
These could in theory be spread all over the Internet not only at the
default port 1433.

If you could limit the address range and assume port 1433, you would still
need a port scanner routine to look up all on-line instances.


>>> jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com 19-07-2007 20:42 >>>
I have a form.  On the form I have:

1) A control to specify the path to the database files.
2) A control to select a server instance.
3) A control to select a database.
4) A control to select a table.

5) A control to specify a path to the DATA files to be imported.

#2 above needs code (and a combo as the control) to select the server.

#3 above needs code and a combo as the control to select a database within
that server

#4 above needs code and a combo to select a table within that database

1 and 5 already have controls and code to select a directory.

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