[dba-VB] SQL Server timeouts

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While I was on Amazon a few days ago, the key word "Tuning"
caught my eye - - so I looked it up. This might help, but do Google:

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>I am running this process that updates SQL Server from VB.Net.  The
> process runs normally for tens of millions of records, then SQL Server
> "hangs" and stops servicing requests (from this process), either reads
> or writes.  It just times out with error messages "Timeout Expired: The
> timeout period expired prior to completion of the operation or SQL
> Server is not responding".
> This is not a once off occurrence, it happens every time I start the
> process running.  Sometimes I get this and then eventually SQL Server
> will start responding, sometimes it just stops responding.
> How do I troubleshoot this?
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