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 > ...I thought that's how everyone does it :)

The bigger the company the more likely that is how it is done.

John W. Colby

William Hindman wrote:
> ...I thought that's how everyone does it :)
> William
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> it, but in the end; there it is."
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>> I had a very interesting conversation with my tax guy this
>> morning.  He had previously worked at Lowes Hardware in
>> their accounting department.
>> The upshot of the conversation was that Lowes has to
>> interface to a huge number of legacy systems, systems from
>> suppliers, banks, systems from companies they purchased 10
>> years ago and inherited etc.  His comment of interest is
>> that in many cases they did not do testing.  Or more
>> correctly they threw data at the live system and looked at
>> what happened, and then used a feedback loop to work around
>> to what the system at the other end would accept.
>> Sounds like poor Roz at her current assignment.
>> I have to tell you that I have experienced this same thing.
>>  My disability insurance call center software has to
>> interface to about 10 (so far) completely different
>> insurance companies.  Each company has dozens of legacy
>> systems.
>> We get "specs" for how to receive and transmit data to these
>> mainframe systems.  I write code to meet the spec, then we
>> send data.  We then get feedback from them about how to
>> change the program to meet the "REAL spec" which is never
>> the printed spec.  Iterate until the feedback stops and they
>> start accepting what we send without complaint.
>> In one case they had specified how to output claim data that
>> they wanted to enter into their system.  In this one
>> (admittedly extreme) case it was in a vertical report
>> format, which we did.  Some six months later we discovered
>> that the format was designed to allow some key entry person
>> to key it into their system manually, and the "report order"
>> was the order that the data entry fields appeared on her screen.
>> I got a chuckle out of that one.
>> John W. Colby
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