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Charlotte Foust cfoust at infostatsystems.com
Wed Mar 18 16:46:19 CDT 2009

Trust me, John, it can go either way.  Depends largely on how you handle
the data population.

Charlotte Foust 

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I'm a little surprised at the high estimates myself.  I was told to
estimate times similar to doing it in Access and it would never take
more than a few minutes to set up simple subforms for example.  I
estimated .5 hours for most of the subforms but everyone else estimates
an hour or even more.

Of course my estimates are not based on actual form dev work in .Net
since I have none.

John W. Colby

Mike Mattys wrote:
> I've got it, thanks.
> I'll be most happy to submit a little higher estimate, if called upon 
> to do so!
> -
> Michael R Mattys
> MapPoint and Database Dev
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