[dba-VB] Half the databases in recovery

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi John:

I know little or nothing about multi-threading or Parallelism but what I
understand is that the 'old' system of multi-threading is not to be confused
with Parallelism. Multi-threading if setup incorrectly could cause the
situation as you described.

The one person that I know that could help would be a guest lecturer, named
Tiberiu 'Tibi' Covaci, who gave a couple of seminars on Hyper-threading and
Parallelism, up at the local university. He also said if we had any issues
on implementing the process just email him at:


His web site is: http://blog.multi-core.net/

Hope this helps.

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Holy smoke batman.  This time, the server locks up, I end up rebooting
(after hours of waiting "to 
see") and about 15 different databases are "in recovery".  Man that will
cause your heart to stop.

After only a few minutes I refreshed the databases and only one was still in
recovery - the temp 
database that was being worked with when the lockup occurred.

I have never seen databases in recovery that weren't actively involved in
operations when the lockup 


John W. Colby
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