[dba-VB] SQL Server / 2003 server locks up

Hans-Christian Andersen ha at phulse.com
Thu Jun 10 04:25:13 CDT 2010

While I could not give you any technical advice with regards to your
application or SQL Server, it seems rather antithetical to the whole premise
of multi-threading (a rather robust technology at this point) to have the
server lock up when you are doing things like dragging a window. Have you
tried monitoring the performance graphs to see what happens just before the
lock-up? You might have a run-away process spawning too many threads or a
thread which is consuming too many resources and memory, causing your server
to start paging like mad. Perhaps your threads are doing too many things
(typically you have to strike a balancing between keeping your threads
light-weight vs the overhead of spawning threads). Seems a bit quaint to
have an application so specific that it requires you to tweak the scheduler
of the operating system. Just a thought?

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On 9 June 2010 22:46, jwcolby <jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com> wrote:

> I am developing an application in C# which executes stored procedures in
> SQL Server using threading.
>  I cannot strictly blame the threading but I am getting somewhat frequent
> "lockup" of the entire
> server (Windows 2003), which I have not experienced very often (or at least
> in a long time) prior to
> using threading.  Various folks assisted me in finding SQL Server
> properties to set CPU affinity and
> the like which seriously reduced the lockups I used to experience.
> Is anyone out there experiencing this phenomenon?  It doesn't occur often
> enough to really get a
> handle on what "causes" the lockup but I have seen instances where I will
> attempt to move a window
> on the screen and suddenly it locks up.
> It has gotten to the point where my assistant is gun shy about running
> (testing) the application
> while I am actually using the SQL Server database.
> On a related note, I am using SMO to do things in SQL server from C#.  For
> example I have a fairly
> complex process that exports large tables out to .txt files for processing,
> then imports the
> resulting CSV files back in, adds fields, updates those fields, creates and
> drops indexes.  All of
> that processing used to occur in a single database which is the "live data"
> database.  I am now
> building temp databases to do the export out and import back in processes
> in, basically so that this
> processing is happening in a "temp" database and is not causing bloat in my
> live database.  That is
> working nicely and is dead easy to do.  Likewise I am copying template
> databases and so forth using SMO.
> SMO appears to be a wrapper around existing SQL Server system SPs exposing
> that stuff directly to C#
> in an OO environment.  Really nice stuff.
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