[dba-VB] [dba-SQLServer] Login to sql server

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Thu Jun 10 14:23:50 CDT 2010

The "default database" was the key.  Discovered it about 15 oh-no-seconds after pressing send.

I'm good on this one.

John W. Colby

jwcolby wrote:
> I have a network at my home office which uses Windows for Workgroups networking.
> I have two SQL Servers.  I am having issues getting an employee able to log in to the AZUL SQL 
> Server instance (running on the AZUL server machine) FROM a desktop machine.  He is able to remote 
> desktop in to the AZUL server, to his own user, and through that is able to open SQL Server 
> Management Studio and do stuff, and is able to use the C# program we are writing to do stuff.
>  From his workstation, I AM able to log in as my own user, then open SSMS and log in to AZUL SQL 
> server instance.
> Paul is unable to log in to the AZUL SS instance through SSMS.  He gets an error:
> Cannot connect to Azul.
> Cannot open user default database.  Login Failed.
> Login failed for Azul\Paul.  SQL Server error 4064
> This seems to imply that it has something to do with his user on the workstation, since he can log 
> in if he remote desktops in.  However the user name and password on the workstation is exactly the 
> same as the username on AZUL.
> I don't know where to go next in troubleshooting this.

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