[dba-VB] Multi-project solution

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Fri Jun 11 23:43:00 CDT 2010

There are no projects that are stable.  I just hired a fella to work with me because I have so much 
dev to do I couldn't do it all myself.

The version control system repository is on the server because the server has mongo raid 6 arrays 
with room and redundancy.  I never really realized that things would slow down so much when accessed 
from workstations because I never developed this way until now.

The solution code all operates against the server, IOW it causes execution of stored procedures that 
perform massive table operations on the server.  Likewise the files imported / exported are stored 
on the server because... there is a massive RAID 6 array with storage and redundancy.  Not to 
mention that the server itself has massive memory etc.  That is only getting more so in the future. 
  My server is about to go to a truly massive (to me) system with 16-24 cores and 32G-64G of RAM.

So I set it all up to just be on the server and I used remote desktop to get in and work.  That 
really isn't optimum having the actual application EXECUTE on the server, or for that matter to have 
two people actively developing code on the server -  that is what workstations are for. But the 
server is the most powerful machine in house by far so storage and SQL Server processing is and will 
continue to execute there.

It isn't clear why the debug stepping is so slow, however it is certainly not unique to me.  I 
Googled it and found just dozens of threads on dozens of sites regarding this issue.  It also isn't 
clear that Projects are the reason per se for the slow debug stuff.

As long as everything works, using many projects is not too big an issue but when you start 
repeatedly searching through all of the project properties dialogs it becomes tedious.

John W. Colby

Michael Maddison wrote:
> John,
>>>> inline
> Michael,
> It's not so much the using / references as having a copy of all of the
> properties in each project.
> I originally developed the code directly on the server.  I used remote
> desktop to log in, it was 
> just me, everything is "fine".  Then I hired a fine fella to help me,
> and started trying to get 
> organized.  Set up a workstation for him, started getting the whole
> thing running from the 
> workstation.
> Now the code running from either workstation takes about 10 times as
> long to compile ( a couple of 
> seconds directly on the server... that long for EACH PROJECT on either
> workstation.  You can 
> actually watch it compile project by project.  That isn't huge, it just
> takes 15 or 20 seconds to do 
> a compile now instead of 2 or 3.  
>>>> You can set the build properties of each project in the solution.
> Right click on Solution -->
> Configuration manager --> untick the projects that don't require
> building each time you run the solution.
> However...
> Debug takes about a second or two PER STEP on the workstations.  No se
> por que.  However when I 
> Google that I get a TON of hits.  With a TON of DIFFERENT "go into the
> project / properties / 
> somespecifictab and look for...".  Well guess what, I now have a half
> dozen projects to do this with.
> That SUCKS!  I haven't found the fix, but I have spent a TON of time
> going in time after time, 
> project after project searching through the properties stuff to see if I
> have the specific fix that 
> worked for developer XYZ.
>>>> I can't say I've had to do more than run with the defaults. 
> It is waaaay more than just a reference and a using...
>>>> It seems you are developing on code shared from the server? Is that
> right? I can't help with that
> other to advise setting up Subversion and developing locally. Am I
> missing the point?
> I can see how projects would be cool if they are going to be pieces of
> many different solutions, 
> however mine aren't, they are just an organizational tool for my single
> solution.  And yes, they 
> make organization neat however there is a rather large price IMHO.
>>>> Yes but, disabling build on the projects that are stable will speed
> build up a lot.
>>>> Working on local working copies of the code will speed up debugging,
> I'm pretty sure.
> Cheers
> Michael M

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