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jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sat Jun 12 08:00:43 CDT 2010

The application itself runs just fine.  It is only while stepping through in debug mode that 
performance issues occur.  And again, this is a common problem.


John W. Colby

Jim Lawrence wrote:
> Hi John:
> I do not know what you are doing as some applications I have built have been
> tested at over a hundred users with no loss in performance. I could imagine
> that several hundred users might adversely affect performance but not just a
> few... it just does not make sense.
> With the horse power you have and just starting a few applications, the
> system should barely register the initial connection.
> Something sounds very wrong.
> Jim
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> There are no projects that are stable.  I just hired a fella to work with me
> because I have so much 
> dev to do I couldn't do it all myself.
> The version control system repository is on the server because the server
> has mongo raid 6 arrays 
> with room and redundancy.  I never really realized that things would slow
> down so much when accessed 
> from workstations because I never developed this way until now.
> The solution code all operates against the server, IOW it causes execution
> of stored procedures that 
> perform massive table operations on the server.  Likewise the files imported
> / exported are stored 
> on the server because... there is a massive RAID 6 array with storage and
> redundancy.  Not to 
> mention that the server itself has massive memory etc.  That is only getting
> more so in the future. 
>   My server is about to go to a truly massive (to me) system with 16-24
> cores and 32G-64G of RAM.
> So I set it all up to just be on the server and I used remote desktop to get
> in and work.  That 
> really isn't optimum having the actual application EXECUTE on the server, or
> for that matter to have 
> two people actively developing code on the server -  that is what
> workstations are for. But the 
> server is the most powerful machine in house by far so storage and SQL
> Server processing is and will 
> continue to execute there.
> It isn't clear why the debug stepping is so slow, however it is certainly
> not unique to me.  I 
> Googled it and found just dozens of threads on dozens of sites regarding
> this issue.  It also isn't 
> clear that Projects are the reason per se for the slow debug stuff.
> As long as everything works, using many projects is not too big an issue but
> when you start 
> repeatedly searching through all of the project properties dialogs it
> becomes tedious.
> John W. Colby
> www.ColbyConsulting.com

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