[dba-VB] ASP.NET Excel file locked after reading

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Jun 15 10:27:51 CDT 2010

Hi Doug

You are right, don't hold the connection for a time not known. But then you have two asynchronous connections and it may happen that the system is not that fast at releasing the first.

Could you either:

(Pre)fill a temp table with the data from the worksheet or just make a copy of the worksheet? Then read and import from that table, or read from the copy and import from the original worksheet?


Prepare a temp table or worksheet with the columns to view when the worksheet is uploaded? Then, later, import the original worksheet as to the user's choice of columns etc.


>>> dw-murphy at cox.net 15-06-2010 17:08 >>>
Maybe I am doing this wrong, but the first time I read the file I grab the
column headers and a few rows and then show post the page to the user so
they can correctly match which column goes into which field. After the user
selects the columns the re-submit the page and the connection to the file is
opened again and the contents read into the appropriate database table. I
dont' like to leave connections open as the user may not complete the
process. Bottom line is that there are a couple of steps to the process with
web pages going back and forth.

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Hi Doug

Stupid question perhaps, but why do you need to open it more than once? Or
to be more precise: Can't you reuse the connection from the view for the


>>> dw-murphy at cox.net 15-06-2010 00:41 >>>

I have an application on a web site that allows users to upload excel files
and then import the data into their records. After the file is uploaded
there is a routine that reads the header row and then reads the first ten
records and then presents a page where the user selects which excel columns
go into which field in the table we import into. All that works fine. The
problem is that intermittently the excel file is locked, by an open
connection I assume, and I can't get access to read in the data for the
final import, I just get a error that the file is in use. All connections
are closed after use so I can't figure out where the lock is coming from.
Some similar postings I have read on the web indicate that forced garbage
collection is required for this problem.

Any one have similar experience or suggestions to get rid of the locking?

Thanks in advance.


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