[dba-VB] Programming for Windows Mobile 6.x (WM6.x)using.NETFramework/VS 2008-2010

Bill Patten bill_patten at embarqmail.com
Thu Sep 23 18:17:32 CDT 2010

?Just found out the easy way, (I hadn't removed VS 2008 yet)

Those of you doing Windows Mobile pre WM 7, do not delete your VB 2008. It 
turns out that not only will WM 7 not work with SQL CE but VB 2010 will not 
open a WM 6.5 project. So if you are moving to VS 2010, be sure to keep you 
VS 2008 if you want to continue servicing your WM 5 or WM 6 applications.

As others have pointed out, the does not seem to be any conflicts in having 
both VS 2008 and VS 2010 on the same machine.

I couldn't find the MS statement stating this but my VB 2010 refused to open 
a WM 6.0 project even though it pretended to convert it. I did find this URL 
that seemed to indicate the same conclusion I came up with.




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