[dba-VB] MS Patterns & Practices: Entlib 5.0 and Unity2.0 -they made it finally - that's a real

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
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Yes, Gustav,

Here is the list of instrumentation blocks (just to have it here):

Configuration Sources
Data Access
Exception Handling

I marked Interception and Unity with asterisk as those blocks are rather
advanced - but they are the most important IMO for large applications. And
Logging and Exception Handling are must have of course for any application.
And Validation as they made it seems to be also very useful for business

Here is the TOC of hands-on labs for Validation block you were interested

-  Lab 1: Adding Validation
-  Lab 2: Consuming Validation Results
-  Lab 3: Validating Object Graphs
-  Lab 4: Using Custom Message Templates for Validation Failures
-  Lab 5: Specifying Validation Rules Through Configuration
-  Lab 6: Using Rule Sets
-  Lab 7: Integrating with Windows Forms
-  Lab 8: Implementing Self Validation
-  Lab 9: Implementing a Custom Validator
-  Lab 10: Using a Custom Validator Through Configuration
-  Lab 11: Implementing a Custom Validator with Design-Time Support
-  Lab 12: Integrating with ASP.NET
-  Lab 13: Integrating with WCF
-  Lab 14: WPF Integration

-- Shamil

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Hi Shamil

Serious stuff. Seems like nothing is forgotten. Thanks again!


>>> shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru 13-09-2010 20:50 >>>
Yes, Gustav,

And they have rather well elaborated

Hands-On Labs for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 

with sources and .pdf/.xps docs, which TOC can be used as "quick-links" on
real life cases when they will be needed in programming e.g. for Logging
this hands-on labs' TOC is:

? Lab 1: Add Logging to an Application
? Lab 2: Create and Use a Custom Trace Listener
? Lab 3: Create and Use a Custom Log Formatter

-- Shamil

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