[dba-VB] Installing VS2010 on a PC with VS2008 SP1

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Thu Sep 16 08:39:14 CDT 2010

Thank you, Mark.

-- Shamil

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Hello Shamil,

on my Win2k8 machine, I have VS2008 installed and also VS2010, both start up
ok, I have experienced no issues,but I have not used VS2008 much since I

Good luck,


On 16 September 2010 11:25, Shamil Salakhetdinov <
shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru> wrote:

> Hi All --
> Did you try to install VS2010 on a PC with VS2008 SP1 installed?
> Did it work well?
> I wanted to continue development using VS2008 SP1 for a while and then
> switch to VS2010.
> On that PC I have had VS2003 and VS2005 - all worked well in parallel -
> they
> are removed now.
> Thank you.
> -- Shamil

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