[dba-VB] New server doesn't get domain name resolution

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Thu Sep 30 12:59:13 CDT 2010

Rebooted my router and then rebooted the server and I have internet now.

No se!

John W. Colby

On 9/30/2010 12:49 PM, jwcolby wrote:
> I built a new server last night and installed Windows 2003.  I was on the internet, I installed
> about 90 updates to Server 2003.
> Today I can ping ip addresses but I cannot ping the domain name, iow Google is  In
> Firefox (or in ping) I can see that number but I cannot see Google.com.
> I have told the local area connections / tcp/ip properties to use and as my DNS
> server but for some reason the translation request doesn't seem to leave my LAN.  My router is what
> does my local DNS and I can directly ping another computer in my network by name, but I can't ping
> out to the internet by name.  Just for the newest server though.
> Is there some way to tell my router that my new server exists and it needs this stuff.

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