[dba-VB] Northwind.NET v.2.1 released - RE: Ded Moroz sends you links on sample projects... :)

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Fri Feb 4 09:03:32 CST 2011

Hi All --

I have just got released:

Northwind.NET v.2.1 (.NET Framework 4.0)


All source code can be obtained from above page by downloading zip archive
or from the following page


by using SVN.

Looking for tips & tricks how to make in the next release "quick & dirty"
XBAP port of WPF + WinForms user controls released this time.


Thank you.

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Subject: Ded Moroz sends you links on sample projects... :)

Hi All --

New Year Eve is approaching here, and I wanted to send you some gifts from
Ded Moroz - here they are:

This is a set of projects I have got developed a few days ago during 40+
hours R&D coding marathon.
The task was to finish all the work in about 40 hours.
So a few bugs left in there as release deadline wasn't possible to move.
They (the bugs) are described in readme.
But in general all the sample apps work rather well as my tests here show.

I'd be interested to hear any comments - in what direction that sample
should be better developed.
Please write them here, or on http://northwind.codeplex.com .
Please do not "judge severely" as as I noted that was very intensive R&D
work with little time to think through while coding :) But feel free to
comment it as you like.
*Do not try* to  be politcorrect.

I wish all of your Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thank you.

-- Shamil

P.S. Short description of published projects (the sources get downloaded 19
times already and I have got informed privately a couple of days ago just
three people):

NorthwindNET_4_0_Sources.zip (~24MB)

NorthwindNET_4_0_SampleApps_Setup.zip (~5MB)

1. Northwind.NET.EDM.FE - WinForms Front-End (just start-up class and
app.config); 2. Northwind.NET.EDM.WinForms.Controls - UI UserControls; 3.
Northwind.NET.EDM.Reports - MS ReportViewer 10.0 Reports; 4.
Northwind.NET.BLL - Business Layer Library (ADO.NET EDM LINQ Reports'
data sources);
5. Northwind.NET.Model - ADO.NET EDM;
6. Northwind.NET.Settings - application settings (wrappers); 7.
Northwind.NET.Resources - application resource file; 8.
Northwind.NET.Utilities - utility class library; 9.
Northwind.NET.Testing.Console - some test functions - it's not true TDD -
just a rough approximation;

I. WinForms FE with MS Access backend
Northwind.NET.FE.1.1 - Northwind.NET FE with MS Access backend
Northwind.NET.Utilities - Utilities project

II. ASP.NET sample application with MS Access backend
E:/Projects/SMS/Northwind/Northwind.ASP.NET.MSAccess.Reporting/  - ASP.NET

III. Just a test ASP.NET app - can be removed

1. Northwind.NET.FE - WinForms Front-End with MS SQL backend using "plain
old" ADO.NET data sets - the project we did last year's April.
2. All the other projects from as in Northwind.NET.VS2010.sln


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