[dba-VB] Northwind.NET v.2.1 released - RE: Ded Moroz sends youlinks on sample projects... :)

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Wed Feb 9 06:21:56 CST 2011

Hi Gustav --

Yes, in closed environment but Northwind.NET is an open source - it could be
public environment I mean...

OK, I will try to get a free public certificate from http://www.cacert.org/
and if I will get it then I will try to use it to sign Northiwind.NET
executables I'm releasing from time to time...

BTW your below message somehow got filtered out by SPAM filter based on its
text I suppose.
I'd be interesting to know what "suspicious words" SPAM filter (standard MS
Outloook one) found in that message text.

Thank you.

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Hi Shamil

I'm not at a point of publishing apps, so I cannot tell. But as far as I
understand, VS can create certificates on its own allowing you to distribute
safely in a closed environment.

As for public certificates, these can be obtained from CAcert: 

The cost is zero money but some time consumed to get "assurance" from
existing members obtaining "points".


>>> shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru 07-02-2011 11:37 >>>
Hi Gustav --

When you develop Silverlight solutions do you need to sign them by software
certificate to distribute them online?
If yes, then that could be the knowledge I'm missing currently to have "XBAP
issue" solved:

- I cannot find good detailed and 100% working solution to sign assemblies
using custom software certificates.
Also I currently do not have such certificate and if software certificates
are rather expensive - USD200+(?) - then I just can't afford to pay for one
such certificate now to use it with this R&D sample Northwind.NET project -
and I will have to skip "XBAP issue" for a while and to work then on porting
WinForms controls to WPF...

Thank you.


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