[dba-VB] REST and Visual Studio 2010

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Thu Feb 17 12:08:42 CST 2011

Hi Doug

Thanks, but isn't that very specific to the "Constant Contact" offerings?
I do have the service to test up against but I'm in the middle of the mist where to start the collector and which tools to select?

The "WCF REST Starter Kit" did install right away and presented itself in VS2008, but I'm reluctant to start here as VS2010 is out, and why haven't that starter kit been updated for VS2010?
Well, an answer may be found here:


however, the missing HttpClient Framework seems to be exactly what I need ...

I just located this page which seems to be an excellent entry point:

Introducing WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4
By Randall Tombaugh 
Developer, WCF WebHttp Services 

Over the next six weeks we are going to be releasing a series of blog posts that will focus on the new features in .NET 4 around WCF WebHttp Services.  


And in part two:
This is part two of a twelve part series that introduces the features of WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4.  
In this post we will cover:

*Using the HttpClient from the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2 
*Browsing the Automatic Help Page of a WCF WebHttp Service 

That will keep me busy for a while.


>>> dw-murphy at cox.net 17-02-2011 18:28:56 >>>
Hello Gustav,

I am also looking at REST for an interface between our product and Constant
Contact. The product is an Access Runtime and I was looking at doing it in
VBA but it requires MSXML6 and apparently there are some issues with this
being on computers and whether it will be in the future. I have been looking
at creating a dll in vb.net for the interface. I did this for a requirement
a client had to export data from their Access database to a specified XML
reporting format required by the State. It worked well.

Constant Contact has created a set of interface objects in C# that look like
I can wrap them for my purposes. You might take a look at what they have
done http://developer.constantcontact.com/samples/upload_forms. You can
download the demo project. I have it but am getting some errors when I try
to build it on my VS2008 system. Have not spent a lot of time on it yet, but
need to get on it soon. I will be interested in hearing what you learn.


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Hi all

I'm about to set up a REST collector/client. This is new to me so I wonder
what a good starting point would be?

MS offer a "WCF REST Starter Kit":


but that is for VS2008 and .Net 3.5. I would prefer to use VS2010.
Before googling/binging around, has anyone some advice, please?


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