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Hi Arthur,

If you are using SQL Server tables it's likely that you can skip all this
entirely by using Linq-to-SQL.  With this method you can drag a table to the
Linq-to-SQL screen to create the class.  Then in code you do things like
Submit() to have LINQ-to-SQL update the data in the database.  It's a
change, but it's a good one.

Just do a search and you'll find a lot of explanation.


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I've decided to resurrect an old utility I wrote years back, that accepts
the name of a table and then generates a class definition complete with LETs
and GETs for the fields, and methods for Load(), Insert(), Update() and

Naturally, I can't locate the code which is somewhere on one of my numerous
CDs. And besides, now that I'm a tad more mature, I can probably do it
better now. The original, for example, just banged its generated code out to
a text file, which I then had to manually import. Which brings me to the
question in the Subject. How can I create a module in code, then write the
generated code directly into it?

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