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Hans-Christian Andersen hans.andersen at phulse.com
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Unless I am mistaken, I think what Francisco is asking is how to convert HTML entities into extended characters. Ie. Ø -> Ø 

In PHP, for instance, this would be htmlentities() and html_entity_decode(). I don't think going down the route of regular expressions would even work, but I feign ignorance when it comes to ASP. It may not even be possible without coding in your own lookup table in code (which isn't all that hard, if you look for the right resources, i.e.:  http://ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm


On 2012-03-22, at 1:26 AM, Gustav Brock wrote:

> Hi Francisco
> I may be missing something, but what do mean by "a printable character by xml". The Ø is perfectly printable (at least here where it belongs to our national set of characters!).
> By the way, the diameter sign is not really an "O-slash" but a true circle with a 45 degrees angled line across. It can be found in the Symbol OpenType font (symbol.ttf) from Monotype Corporation as well as the old Microsoft Symbol bitmap font, symbole.fon.
> /gustav
>>>> fhtapia at gmail.com 22-03-2012 07:23 >>>
> anybody here good with regex? or classic ASP?
> I need to convert the following Ø to a printable character by xml, I
> am using the following object to read a webpage on my server that is not
> pre-parsed in XML and it's the way the source system works...The idea is to
> be able to yank the text [Liner Kit, 1.75" MAX Ø] out of the original
> document and push it back out via XML so when I hit the url it looks like
> http://localserver/myhtml2xml.asp and I get a standard xml feed using the
> XML document, but I keep getting an error reading that O slash character,
> other than that one character I can't seem to nab it, I've tried instr for
> the exact character but to no avail, my current function just does a few
> instr functions to nab the html down to this node, but I really probably
> ought to get down to the span tag instead of the td tag.  If you have
> ideas, let me know it's late and I need to get this thing kick started... :(
> Set objXMLHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
> <td id="ANALYSIS_interactive_pivot_ruid9648" BiTp="h2" cc="5" rr="1382"
> align="left" class="urSTTD urSTTDBdr urSTSHL2"
> style="vertical-align:top;height:21px;"><span
> id="ANALYSIS_interactive_mc9691_tv" ct="TV" class="urTxtStd"
> style="white-space:nowrap;">Liner Kit, 1.75" MAX Ø</span></td>
> -Francisco
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