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The internet is very complex.

<rant mode on>
To that end though, with organizations like W3C (http://www.w3.org/), which
all major internet companies subscribe to, are a sets of open standards. All
major browsers have complied, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Microsoft's
IE has been forced, kicking and screaming to toe the line. Example IE6 DOA,
IE7 pooched, IE8 your kidding, right?, IE9 keep trying and IE10 just about
and I am sure IE11 will be where the other browsers have been for the last5

OT: MS does not believe in standards, not even their own, which is one of
the reasons their sales have been declining for the last 8 to 9 years but I
do think they may be turning the corner.

There is never going to be one language on the internet to rule them all but
select a couple that are using good open standards and OSS (open source
software) that you can therefore depend on and you can work with them for
next 20 or 30 years. Developers have become feed up working with proprietary
software that can be re-designed regardless of the industry evolution or
user and developer requirements, all on a whim or just dropped for no
apparent reason; MS Access comes to mind... (People are just tired of
dead-end unreliable products.)

As for .Net running on the web or on other platforms check out the following
site: http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page (It has been wonderful to watch
the two companies...MS introduces a new feature to .Net and in less than two
days it has been added to Mono...MS even supports Mono; interesting huh?)

OTOH I would hardly blame internet failure for some individual screw up...I
have discovered, over the years, that I can make enough mistakes on my own
and don't need competition. ;-)
<rant mode off>

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 > This comparison is a bit misleading though, as you have simplified a lot
of things into "C# and 
XAML", while, in the case of ASP.NET MVC <snip>

I agree with everything you say.  The point however is that developing on /
for the web is a 
mish-mash of technologies which barely play together, all controlled by
different factors / 
companies / standards.  It is just a stinking mess.

We need a single environment with a single "language" or the web will always
remain the abomination 
it is today.  Say what you will, but .Net is a *huge* advance in
programming, allowing a developer 
to select a language and develop in a common environment (yea yea, in
Windows only).

The best that can be said today is that "the web kinda sorta works, some of
the time, in some 
browsers (and differently in every browser), depending entirely on the
skills of the developers in 
the specific mish-mash of tools that they decide to use, and the testing
that they did with the 
various browsers, and the capabilities of the user's selected browser to
deal with said mish-mash of 

Not what I want, and not how I want to develop.

I'll give you an example.  My wife had to investigate phone calls made from
our phone by a baby 
sitter.  I wasn't here to help, so she bravely got on the phone with

We use Firefox.

Charter tech support had to change the password because Mary did not know
the password I use to 
manage the account.

Changing the password did not work.  An HOUR later, after trying this that
and this other thing, the 
tech support asked her to switch to Internet Explorer.  Badaboom, she is in
with a new password.

What a mess the internet is.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

Reality is what refuses to go away
when you do not believe in it

On 3/31/2012 12:44 AM, Hans-Christian Andersen wrote:
> This comparison is a bit misleading though, as you have simplified a lot
of things into "C# and XAML", while, in the case of ASP.NET MVC, you have
been more explicit. But, in any event, this feels like comparing apples and
oranges. Silverlight was not designed to be an markup language designed to
be used in the same way that HTML/CSS (and JS) is used. WPF is  something
else altogether. And ASP.NET MVC should, like any good framework, do a lot
of the grunt work for you anyways (at least, I hope it does).
> Let's also not forget that SL is a Microsoft technology, which is under
their control and effectively forces everyone to use Microsoft tech to build
anything. This defeats what has made the web so great.
> Hans

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