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Hi Gustav:

Wouldn't we all love have that sort of toy to play with.  What is most interesting is the applications and technology that went into making this system possible. A few years ago, this capability was not available, to anyone, at any scale, at any price.

Today, some smart fellow could run up a smaller but similar mashup in his/her basement for a few thousand dollars...in fact hundreds of startups have been doing exactly that.

Aside: In fact I have family members working in these type of businesses and the sky is truly the limit.


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Hi Jim

Interesting video - indeed if you operate at that scale.


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Hi John:

Well of course you are not downloading the entire core with all the rigs and every version that will run on you smartphone up to a 3D Imax, of the movie just you can rip and view it on your TV but all that detail is saved.

What you have is an excellent application along with the biggest and baddest home computer anyone could assemble. That said, today, few individuals would ever consider that as an option for resolving their big data problems. Most system admins would move their needs off to the web (Cloud). It is basically cheaper, faster and easier...how much would you calculate all your hours times say $65 per hour... Add the price of components, assemble, shipping, self-training, ongoing maintenance and so on. What you database server look like to me is a beautiful, hand-built, high performance sports-car...a real thing of beauty.   

If you were starting from scratch today would you follow the same route?  You wouldn't necessarily have to move everything to a public Cloud. 

I would bet that with maybe ten beater boxes, not particularly tricked-out, connected in a single network, a single file-system, where all the systems work as a single entity, the same functionality (or far greater) could be obtained along with superior performance, far greater reliability and probably for a lot cheaper...right in your basement.

I have used this video before but it does lend its self towards the new way data is managed. It shows a IBM system but really what we are seeing is a system with a number motherboards, cores and memory all connected into a single entity. With all those cores, memory and access to a group of OSS programs (services) all abstracted and assembled through an application like Juju (https://jujucharms.com/ ...which is actually what Microsoft Azure uses.)


Aside: I have been playing at this for a while with this tech with some success but given a combination of, my life is not my own and laziness, the progress has been slow. ;-)


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