[dba-VS] Part I: Cross-posted from dba-OT: MVVM explained - looking for English language heavy review/revision, and technical review

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Mon Sep 7 03:14:19 CDT 2015

 Hi Gustav --

Thank you for your comment.

"Light" means really light here - a couple of days, with clear goals, all but one are already achieved/solved, last one - I have  found its solution in a sample project and I'm now adapting it to my "light" framework. Most of actual work hasn't been spent on this "light" framework but on other tasks in this project...

I'm using ICommand, INotifyPropertyChaged interfaces and nested properties binding in WPF and SilverLight, the latter is actually the target deployment technology requested by the customer - they don't mind it "has been left in the dark by Microsoft". Well, I'm trying to explain the customer this issue but they wanted the first version in SilverLight...

This "light" framework - actually is a small set of generic classes + nested application logic classes - they allow to keep WPF/SilverLight XAML forms/pages/controls' code behind 100% clean of any not even business but also UI navigation, updates etc, logic/code. And I'm not "inventing the wheel" (AFAIS from the Net quite a few devs do similar things but I haven't seen any info with all the technical details posted - so I have to make these details "reinvented" here by myself) - the "magic" comes from WPF/SIlverlight native binding features. This "code behind cleanness" + nested "architecture" of custom business logic classes allows to modularize the whole development code base - the goal is to work on such projects in a team not alone...

Once again, I'm not inventing anything here, I'd even suppose there could be somewhere already done something like that but it's not easy to filter out so much information to find this solution when working on an urgent project..

>>> Even "light", isn't that a major task?
I do realize your concerns, Gustav.

I hope I will have free time in a couple of weeks to share my findings here.

Thank you.

-- Shamil

>Monday, September  7, 2015 6:35 AM UTC from Gustav Brock <gustav at cactus.dk>:
>Hi Shamil
>Your explanation of MVVM (which I haven't worked with) supplemented with your links makes sense but - as I haven't studied MVVM - I can't tell how it differs from how others may have explained the setup.
>But the setup doesn't seem complete as - if I understand your writing - you have had to create your own "light MVVM based application framework". Even "light", isn't that a major task?
>Also, I would be reluctant to spend that much work on a framework requiring Silverlight which - to my knowledge - has been left in the dark by Microsoft.
>But due to my lack of experience in this area, I may very well be missing something.
>Anyway, I really appreciate your sharing of your experiences.
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>Emne: [dba-VS] Part I: Cross-posted from dba-OT: MVVM explained - looking for English language heavy review/revision, and technical review
>Hi All --
>I have posted the following text today first to dba-OT as it's the most active but I haven't yet got any feedback there, and I'm cross-posting it here now for your review as not all of you are subscribed to dba-OT. My first attempt to post it here this morning failed:
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>So I've got cancelled it and  I'm reposting it here in five parts.
>Please review/comment. I'd be very pleased if you'll find time on prompt feedback on this topic as I'm actually doing a light MVVM based application framework here and if I'll make any improper programming the whole project might fail. And it's very urgent as usual.
>Well, it's alerayd working, and it's working well (thanks to MS, C#, .NET Framework and many other sources I've worked through intensively in the last couple of weeks...) - and it's working so well that I'm getting a kind of excited of it - of this declarative MVVM binding "magic" of WPF and Silverlight and XAML/C#/.NET Framework in general...
>Thank you.
>(to be continued in 'Part II'...)
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