[AccessD] FMD Screen Resizer

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Sun Mar 25 22:00:46 CDT 2018

Dear Lists:


I have two former clients who are finding that the old ADH Form Resizer code
is not doing the job as Access advances into 2013 and 2016. I tried to
evaluate Peters Shrinker/Stretcher and it failed on both applications.  I
tried to get support from Peters but failed.  One of my clients wrote to
Peters asking for help and offering to send their application to Peters.
After 2 weeks+, he has not received a reply from Peters.


I told him his next move would be to evaluate the screen resizing features
of FMS' Total Access Components 2010.  And he should check out the free demo
which will probably not have enough capability to prove that it will work
with his app. But then he might write them a letter telling them that he got
burned by Peters and so is a bit gun shy about spending $200 for something
that may or may not work.


Meantime I said I would write my forums (fora?) to see if anyone has had
experience with Total Access Components. 


Please let me know if you have used the form resizer and what your
experience was.





Rocky Smolin

Beach Access Software


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