[AccessD] Unlock/Unprotect VBA Project

Jim Dettman jimdettman at verizon.net
Fri May 4 10:07:59 CDT 2018

 Yeah, that one has actually been out there a while :(

 Found it somewhere a couple years back.  Suffice to say, the only real way left to protect your code is with a MDE.   Wayne is the only one I know of that can pull source text from VBA p-code and he's adamant about proof of ownership.


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Hi all

This was new to me: Open a “protected” VBE project in minutes:

Open the db in the Hex Editor of your choosing and replace any DPB= with DPX=, then use SaveAs ….  Open the newly created db, go into the VBE (you’ll get error messages, just dismiss them), go into the project properties and set a new password, save, close, reopen and all is good!


The same is true for Excel, …

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