[AccessD] Unlock/Unprotect VBA Project

Bill Benson bensonforums at gmail.com
Sun May 6 20:33:42 CDT 2018

You might want to look into making a project "Unviewable"
<https://www.spreadsheet1.com/unviewable-vba-project-app-for-excel.html> .
There are some (extremely few) limitations on this utility, but it is
pretty solid. The authors are very current on security matters, and very
willing to engage in discussions. While I could use a $13 piece of software
to export all of the vba modules out of a workbook, I did find a means of
hiding all connection strings, passwords, etc in a userform control's text
or tag properties. It is virtually impossible to force that userform into a
loaded state to read those crucial strings, from an external workbook,
unless I the author of the protected workbook was foolish enough to have a
public sub that loaded them, therefore it was virtually impossible to get
access to that protected information.

I can't recommend this product highly enough, and I don't think there is
any way to defeat it without a combination of sloppy programming and some
kind of tool that would be so sophisticated that probably whoever possessed
it would be very reluctant to make it commercially available.

On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 10:28 AM, Gustav Brock <gustav at cactus.dk> wrote:

> Hi all
> This was new to me: Open a “protected” VBE project in minutes:
> Open the db in the Hex Editor of your choosing and replace any DPB= with
> DPX=, then use SaveAs ….  Open the newly created db, go into the VBE
> (you’ll get error messages, just dismiss them), go into the project
> properties and set a new password, save, close, reopen and all is good!
> https://www.devhut.net/2018/05/03/access-unlocking-an-access-vba-project/
> The same is true for Excel, …
> /gustav
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