[AccessD] Query will not run function

Kaup, Chester Chester_Kaup at kindermorgan.com
Tue Apr 2 08:24:33 CDT 2019

I am probably missing something simple but when I try to run this query I get no results for field Old_Property_ID.

Here is the SQL
SELECT [tbl Property Codes].New_Property_ID, ExtractNumber([New_Property_ID]) AS Old_Property_ID,
[tbl Property Codes].Description,
[tbl Property Codes].Class,
[tbl Property Codes].Process_Id,
[tbl Property Codes].Asset_Id,
[tbl Property Codes].[Accounting Unit]
FROM [tbl Property Codes];

And here is the function

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public Function ExtractNumber(strInput) As String
    ' Returns the numeric characters within a string in sequence in which they are found within the string
    Dim strResult As String, strCh As String, fExtractNumeric As String
    Dim intI As Integer
     If Not IsNull(strInput) Then
        For intI = 1 To Len(strInput)
            strCh = Mid(strInput, intI, 1)
            Select Case strCh
                 Case "0" To "9"
                    strResult = strResult & strCh
                 Case Else
             End Select
        Next intI
     End If
     fExtractNumeric = strResult
End Function

Thanks for your help.

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