[AccessD] upsize mdb to SQL Server

John Bodin jbodin at sbor.com
Wed Nov 6 10:44:08 CST 2019

I was wondering if someone could send me some links to docs & how tos, or share advice on converting access back-end mdb to SQL Server, and continue to use access front-end to access that data.  I know there are some data types that change or don't convert (yes/no fields I believe is one) and Queries and SQL statements need to be re-written, among other things.  I have a long time access database a company is running successfully that needs a face-lift and more robust BE.

This will be a multi-phase year-long project and I was hoping to upsize the BE data to SQL Server and initially, just link the FE to those tables to run the program as is (I know there will be no speed gains but hopefully data integrity will be solid and users will not know that BE has changed.)  Then proceed to convert FE to use ADO(?) while another developer writes a Mobile/web-based app for customer's technicians to use, that integrates with the SQL data (tried ASP.Net with MDB file and although it worked, it wasn't reliable enough when a lot of people were on the mobile piece.)  Once Mobile piece working and FE optimized to use ADO or something else, app to integrate QuickBooks w/Access will be written, and when that is done, Access FE will get re-written for the web.  Will not be an overnight project, everyone understands that.  And data is small enough that SQL Express probably can be used, at least initially. Have room left on host for test VM's for project.

Appreciate any guidance.


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