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Note: The DBA web site has been removed from the its previous host. It seems that the host was hacked and encrypted and every backup, across the network, suffered the same fate. A complete disaster. As the DBA site virtual was still using ASP, it may have been the logical weak spot in the entire network...I will be speaking to him tonight, along with some of us old geek friends, over a cup of coffee.

Maybe it is possible to rebuilt the entire MS Access in JavaScript? The following link is a desktop built in JS and HTML:


I think it is time for some younger hackers to step up. :-)


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re: "The main problem with Access and the lack of forward progress is that they swung for the web three times and missed all three times.

Jim."Those were half-hearted attempts. What they needed to do (and they knew this) was to port the entire Access VBA Object model to a javascript environment.Then a conversion tool would be needed to handle the conversion of desktop apps to web apps.
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