[AccessD] Form Filter with ComboBox

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 15:08:35 CST 2020

First, you have to unbind that combo box from the control source, which I
guess is project.  Just replace it with another text box bound to the field
Project, or Project ID if you've got a separate table for project name with
a PK and the Project ID is in the project detail record as an FK.

Then in the after update event of the combo box (which has a row source
that shows all of the projects), create a filter for the form:

Me.filter = "fldProjectID = " & val(cboProjects.column(0))

' This assumes that the row source of the combo box is a query which
shows all of the projects with the Project ID on column 0 and the project
name in column 1. Otherwise Me.Filter = "fldProject = '" &
cboProject.column(0) & "'"

' Then



On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 12:04 PM Keith Williamson <
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> Hey guys,
> I'm going so far back in my understanding (basically starting all over
> again) from Access97.  I've been pretty much only Excel programming for
> past 14 years.  I have a form, based on project records, with a combobox in
> the header area.  I want to filter my detail section to ONLY show records
> for the project I have input in the combobox.  Currently, it takes me to
> the first inastance of the input project (basically does a search instead
> of filter.)  But it does not filter for only that project.  I still have to
> cycle through the records.  I can't figure out what property I am messing
> up to not get a proper filter.  Sorry for such a basic question.
> Thanks,
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