[AccessD] Moving reports to Visual Studio

Jeff Barrows jeff.developer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 10:49:46 CST 2020

I should have been more specific.  Actually, I didn’t realize I had sent
only the start of an email, senior moment I guess!

I am moving an Access front end to the web (SQL backend).  I am fine moving
everything (especially as I get to rewrite and streamline things I did
previously) but I really have very little idea on how to run reports in
Visual Studio. .  I will need to be able to send reports to Excel or create
a pdf to be attached to an email.    I used to work with Crystal Reports
many years ago, but I am looking for something similar to the Access reports
for the Web.

I am not sure that I have the time to learn anything new right now, so I am
hoping for some suggestions on what others have used.

Thank you,

Jeff Barrows
jeff.developer at gmail.com

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Hi Jeff

Yes and no. If you mean move/convert to Reporting Services, it is a no-go -
those are completely different animals.


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Anybody have experience moving reports from Access to Visual Studio?

Thank you,

Jeff Barrows

jeff.developer at gmail.com 

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