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This may or may not be helpful to you...

I agree that Crosstab queries are not "editable" but they can be redefined

I have done this before. I would run some VBA code to get the values
(columns generally) I would be needing, then update the Crosstab QueryDef
with new SQL and run it through OpenQuery after having modified it.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 10:40 AM Keith Williamson <
KWilliamson at designcollective.com> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Hope you all might remember me.  I've moved on to a new company, this
> year, and find myself (at least for now) involved again in utilizing MS
> Access for systems solutions.  My current solution, I am working on, is to
> develop a planning module (to replace a very archaic Excel model) which
> collects and stores planned billings, by project, over the next 6-12
> months.  I'm looking to provide the PM's with a form that displays
> (filtered for them individually) their projects and each month's planned
> billings in a Crosstab format.  So there would be rows of projects (with
> various information related to the project....Fee, YTD Billings, Backlog,
> etc).....but then columns of fields for monthly planned billings (Oct, Nov,
> Dec, Jan, etc.)
> The problem I have is that in order to get the format I want, it would
> need to be a Crosstab query, which isn't editable.   Additionally, I want
> the form to ONLY show looking forward data.  So, while the data would
> include what was planned for September.....I no longer want to present the
> past months on the form....only the current - future months.  But they have
> to be able to edit, as circumstances change on the projects.
> Hopefully this makes sense.  I'm asking if any of you can steer me in the
> right direction for approaching this?  Should I use MS Access only for the
> tables needed to present the data, and store the actual planned
> billings....but use Excel as the front-end?  Can I accomplish this (with
> variable monthly column headings) on a form, with the fields being editable?
> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> Regards,
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