[AccessD] Access lockup when using record selector search

Shane Groff shaneg at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 26 05:42:03 CDT 2021

Hi Ryan,

Also can't repro this with Access2013 64-bit.
Can you clarify where the focus is before you click in the recordselector search/filer box?  Is it in another document? In the navigation pane?


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Hi Ryan

I can't replicate this. 
When clicking the selector, the form gets focus, and I can type in the record to find.
Version 2102 (Build 13801.20360 Click and run) 64-bit.


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Access2013 64 bit. 

When using recordselector search/filter box at the bottom of the datasheet will lock up access unless datasheet is set in focus first. 

Has anyone experienced this? 
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