[AccessD] Access lockup when using record selector search

Ryan W wrwehler at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 14:02:35 CDT 2021

I think I found the root cause.  if the datasheet form properties "allow
deletions" and "allow additions" are set to no, the datasheet form crashes
if the search bar is used without a me.form.refresh called first.
If you turn them to YES for the form1_subform form, the search crash
doesn't happen.
Here's a copy of the testing db:

So the form will come up hit the "Get stuff" button, then go down to the
navigation pane in the subform and type in the search box, it should
IF it crashes, re-open it and close the main form (because it may crash
with data in the temp table) and modify the subform and set those two
properties to YES and save and re-open the main form (make sure the subform
data is empty) and try again... it should not crash.


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