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James Button jamesbutton at blueyonder.co.uk
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AFAIK there is no need to take the new version

>From my scanning of the documents - and considering the way that the system
resources used by win-10 have crept up,
I would consider an 8GB RM system with 4 core CPU to be the minimum for a system
that works well.
I'm looking towards waiting until well into 2024 before getting a new system and
the win-11
And that will be at least 16GB RAM, 250GB Storage, and a 6 core CPU 
The system to be upgradeable to at least 32GB RAM

Re the benefits and annoyances

Supposedly a more secure system -  just all the nice new glitches that have yet
to be reported and assigned to someone to fix.

Reading - 
Maybe see  - reasons for, or against 11
And some notes on 10 v 11

And - maybe google for ways to stop MS applying the windows-11 upgrade to your
(AskVG forums - from RSS feeds)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/askvg/~3/5M6-ToP7UKs/  (getting on for 2 months

There are also many descriptions of how to get the new win presentation and
workings back to the win-10 manner.
So possibly waiting for the number of them to stop increasing, and the release
of "new" for win-11 things in the apps to  settle down,

You don't say what the current Win system is - x64 or x32 and Home or Pro
And what apps and workload you run on it,
And how you have setup the desktop, admin and way you use it 
Toolbars, taskbar,  stuff in the windows start panel, and what is pinned etc.
What security and backup processes - and are there likely to be any licence
problems with them or other apps
So a reasoned evaluation of the possible benefits is not possible.


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I have an upgrade notice on my box for Windows 11 - no charge.

I am a little leery as every other release of Windows seems to be a dog.
(And every other one a gem, of course)

Has anyone had any experience with 11? Go or bad. What does it have that 10
is missing?


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