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Wed Nov 3 15:22:41 CDT 2021

Mark, Charlotte, et al.

As usual - have a verified as readable restorable system image set
And the associated booting media with the restore program.
( in my case - due to experience - sets from each of at least 2 different suppliers, and a set of partition backups as well as a drive/system image with all partitions as a composite set. ) 
If possible - have a second image of the system actually proved to be bootable and upgrade that, retaining the primary instance as a backup/go-back-to option.
Maybe later update that backup version to be the primary win-11 instance  retaining the original instance that you have started using as the primary instance as an almost hot-backup facility.

I suspect it will be a case of bypass the MS requirements checker, and then see what actually requires the bits you haven't got.
Pro means you should be logically able to use all the features
Providing the CPU is the only problem - 


Note the earlier post 
> I would  definitely recommend either a separate system from your
> 'production
> work' one, or a separate partition for the win-11
> And treat it as a proving environment - maybe experimental too!

Theory is:
    You can do a clean install of the windows 11 onto a partition - either generating the boot partitions, or updating an existing boot setup
    You can do an update to an existing system with installed utilities, aps and management facilities. 
     Just needing to reactivate some stuff that is keyed to the OS (win-10 updates should have let you know what installed 'stuff' needs that),
     and redo the specialisation/configuration/enabling/disabling of stuff that MS considers part of Windows    
            (Task manager setup, desktop things, browser and it's options, Onedrive - sync and default storage etc., registry tweaks that may need to be redone, or additional modification))

Remember - I have NOT installed 11 - so the possibilities are just from win-7 to win-10 to newer win-10 progress !   
I have some - permanent licences for software tied to the win-10 system CPU etc - more rigorously that the windows activation, so expect to lose 'stuff' when I am forced to go to new hardware mostly due to RAM  limitations - so that will be the Motherboard and CPU too.!


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Can Windows 11 perform an upgrade that restores all programs and registry entries from either Windows 7 or Windows 10 installations ?If not, it's totally worthless.I've got 100 applications that would need to be re-installed, re-configured, etc.It would take several months to do thjis.

Mark Simms
marksimms at verizon.net

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I'll check the links out, but I am running the Pro version and meet all the
requirements, except that my CPU is not on the approved list, so their tool
doesn't approve of my laptop.

Charlotte Foust
(916) 206-4336

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