[AccessD] 32->64 bit Conversion

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Nov 9 15:51:03 CST 2021

COMPATIBILITY with your clients  environment.

The default Office installation is now 64bit.  And nore that a few people/organsations want or 
need 64bit Office for Excel with it's much larger spreadsheet range.

You can't have both 32bit and 64bit Office installed on the same machine.

Any new workstation or laptops will have 64 bit Office unless the purchaser is savvy enough 
to override the default installation and has a valid reason to do so.

Like it or not, it's becoming a 64bit world more and more.  Even though there is still a place 
for 32bit applications,  Office is not one of them.

Basically, if your old 32bit Access applicationis uses API calls and is going to be used on 
new machines which you don't have control of,you *have* to upgrade it to be 64bit 

Similarly ,any new application you develop which is going to use API calls, has to be 
developed as 64bit (but with backward 32bit capability) 

I've had to go  through this with numerous clients over the last few years.

On 9 Nov 2021 at 15:50, Arthur Fuller wrote:

> I guess that I'm already almost halfway down the path, but it has
> become time to wonder why I am doing this in the first place. The
> obvious answer is that the client requested it, and while an engineer
> in his own field, he is not a software guy (hence my employment). But
> it's become time for me at least to pose the question, What am 
> gaining by this move to 64-bit? Performance? And if so, are there any
> benchmarks to verify this? Compatibility with the default Office
> installation? And if so, why is that important? Com[atinility with
> current and future hardware? Something else that hasn't occurred to
> me? I am as willing as anyone to spend my client's dollars, but I also
> have, at least intermittently, a conscience, and would like to know
> what benefits I am delivering for the dollars the client is spending.
> Suggestions in the way of justification are invited.
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> Arthur
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