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Yes - my previous post was mostly about Excel - but much of the internals for
other than data management will be similarly constrained.
Seems to me that Access has had less attention than Excel, and the early design
limitations in Excel are still to be appropriately addressed.

My view of the situation is it may well be due to staff turnover
As in Microsoft is not a start-up mode company, but a corporate organisation
managed in governmental mode.
Not so much an attitude of - hmmm that app looks Ok, but we can improve it
More - hmmmm that looks as if it may be competition - lets acquire and knacker

So - corporate monolithic mode -
 older staff tend to be paid more than the newbies - so they are 'Redeployed'
outside of the organisation to reduce costs, and create diskspace for the new

I look at Access - and see a small business version of Oracle  
Data management, security of access, security oof data  management of data
changes  and forms as an interface for the user interaction
I look at Excel and ask  - how do I manage user data entry, where is the
recording of data entry and changes  where is the security of data  where is the
access security
- Ah! 
Data access management - use SQL to get data from Access
Data entry Forms from Access  to get valid data from the users
Use feeder processes (queueing ?) to pass the data into a data store
Data security and recovery - Access again - as in a log of changes and who made
them and when  

It may also be that 'teams' are assembled (hired) for projects, and let
go/redeployed at the end of a project
Also - seems to me  from some of the changes that VV&T teams have to go back to
school at the end of the summer break

The new staff intake do not have in-depth experience in the existing apps, or
experience of the glitches that the oldsters learnt to avoid.
They may well never had any interaction with Access -  Power Point, MsWord and
Publisher, OK - but Access ? 

Added to that problem is an apparent need for the Project leaders to show that
they are innovative, 
and don't need to keep the old processes, let alone the GUI 

Indeed, what gets 'presented' to the budget allocators is the GUI, not the
underlying code.

Sort of like the fashion show - 
who gets to see that the model was sewn into the clothes  - 

As long as they look great for the duration of the show

It doesn't matter that they will never be put on again
 - so who needs the basics such as fasteners to be working.


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Thanks, Bil. Depressing as your experience is, it is also a moment of
clarity in a world filled with noise. I can almost imagine Bill Gibson and
Bill Gates ( let's call them the Kill Bills, with a nod to Quentin
Tarantino). sitting to figure out he next move to Dystopia. There should be
a new nation nominated for membership in the UN, called Dystopia. Simiar to
Ethiopia but with even more violence, ad graphic novel spinpoffs.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 3:56 PM Bill Benson <bensonforums at gmail.com> wrote:

> 64 bit t can use more memory- usually a good thing. However the one major
> app I was involved with over past 6 years gained nothing whatever in speed.
> Not only that but we had some kind of limits that would be reached on
> number of reports that could print individually in code - we hoped it would
> increase 64 bit but it did not.
> I want others to give their impression too but the program we had was
> larger, using more class modules and calculations than anything I ever
> worked on in Access and we gained nothing going to 64 bit.
> On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 3:50 PM Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I guess that I'm already almost halfway down the path, but it has become
> > time to wonder why I am doing this in the first place. The obvious answer
> > is that the client requested it, and while an engineer in his own field,
> he
> > is not a software guy (hence my employment). But it's become time for me
> at
> > least to pose the question, What am  gaining by this move to 64-bit?
> > Performance? And if so, are there any benchmarks to verify this?
> > Compatibility with the default Office installation? And if so, why is
> that
> > important? Com[atinility with current and future hardware? Something else
> > that hasn't occurred to me?
> > I am as willing as anyone to spend my client's dollars, but I also have,
> at
> > least intermittently, a conscience, and would like to know what benefits
> I
> > am delivering for the dollars the client is spending.
> > Suggestions in the way of justification are invited.
> >
> > --
> > Arthur 

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