[AccessD] 64->32 bit

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Nov 9 21:01:44 CST 2021

It's nothing to do with  needing "memory address space"!

If you've got any DECLARE statements anywhere in the current application, it won't run on a 
PC with Office 64bit installed!

On 9 Nov 2021 at 21:46, Arthur Fuller wrote:

> I just thought 'd change the subject. After much of this discussion,
> my client and I have concluded that there is little or nothing to be
> gained by migrating to 64-bit, aside from memory address space, which
> we don't need. So now I have to figure out what code I changed during
> the attempted migration and copy that back to the prior 32-bit
> version.
> Before we abandon the migration, can anyone think of a reason
> (benefit) to move to 64 from 32?
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> Arthur
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